PHUL Workout – Everything You Need To Know

The PHUL workout is a very effective bodybuilding program that was carefully designed by Brandon Campbell – a popular powerlifter on YouTube – to help anyone who is serious about building body strength and size. Bodybuilding is an activity that allows anyone to systematically improve their body’s aesthetics and strength, but many beginners tend to mistake aesthetics for body strength. Without a proper diet and proper workouts, you can lose weight and even chisel your body’s muscles, but you’ll struggle in building significant muscle size and strength.

This is where a workout like PHUL comes into play. This isn’t a beginner’s workout by any means and should be attempted by people who are at least a few months into their bodybuilding journey. You’ll need to be in an acceptable physical condition with decent body strength to be able to complete this program.


PHUL focuses on the following 4 principles: Frequency (you’ll work each muscle group twice per week), Compounds (you’ll be focusing on compound movements instead of iso movements), Power (2 full workout days will be focusing on increasing strength) and Hypertrophy (the other 2 days will focus on building muscle size).


As you can see, you’ll be working out 4 days per week with 3 days of rest. You can certainly adjust the schedule to your own preference and free time, but it is recommended you spread out your rest days effectively, so you don’t exhaust yourself before being able to complete the program. The recommended day by day schedule is: Upper Power/ Lower Power/ Rest/ Upper Hypertrophy/ Lower Hypertrophy/ Rest.

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When starting the out for the very first time, feel free to attempt the workout at a slightly lower volume than normal. Just until you are fully acquainted with it and you are certain you can complete it without having to quit mid way. As a general rule of law, you should be able to complete every single set and still theoretically still be able to do an extra rep.
Here is the every day rep chart (picture):

PHUL Workout Advantages

  • This workout is designed by an experienced bodybuilder and is guaranteed to increase strength and size if applied properly.
  • The program works well even if you make slight adjustments to your schedule or even your reps. If you feel you are more advanced and the reps aren’t enough, feel free to add more.
  • You’ll see results with each passing month, so check yourself in the mirror often and take measurements to track your progress.
  • This is a great program for the intermediate bodybuilder and it will lead them into the more complex PHAT workout when they are ready.

PHUL Workout Disadvantages

  • This shouldn’t be attempted by beginners. If you are a beginner this simply isn’t for you because you’ll get exhausted and quit 9 out of 10 times. Start slower and build some strength first before attempting the PHUL workout.
The PHUL workout is an awesome workout for the serious bodybuilder who wants to take their body to the next level. Learn it, apply it, and enjoy visible results in as low as a month!

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